Equality for All

We are all created equal and must be treated as such by our government.  We must root out racial discrimination wherever it exists, especially in government and publicly funded institutions.  I will fight any attempt to cut corners around the Civil Rights Act of 1964 which prohibits discrimination on the basis of race, color, religion, sex or national origin. 

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence brings great promise to health, education and science. It also brings potential dangers if we’re not careful. Bad actors can use AI to commit fraud and spread disinformation. Perhaps more worrisome is that AI can also provide the ultimate tools for governments to exert authoritarian control over entire societies. 

Congress needs to make sure we can reap the positive benefits of AI while protecting our privacy and civil liberties. 


Inflation is a silent tax that hits seniors, the middle class and the working poor especially hard.  It comes from government borrowing, spending and printing too much money.  As a nation, we must make tough choices to slow the growth of spending while unleashing the productive energies of our economy to produce the abundance of goods and services needed to bring prices down.  


Too many people in our District no longer feel safe – there’s a reason why crime has become progressively worse.  Soft on crime attitudes that demonize the police while showing more sympathy for the perpetrators of crime and less for the victims, have only emboldened criminals.

Nobody can feel truly free if they don’t feel safe.  

As a former Public Safety Commissioner and graduate of the San Ramon’s Citizens Police Academy, maintaining public safety will always be a top priority for me.  


Climate Change is real – as is the reality that renewable sources of energy such as wind and solar are not yet reliable enough to meet our energy needs. To meet our energy needs while protecting our environment, we need to strive for energy independence while we invest in developing cleaner, more efficient sources of energy. 

As we transition to more renewable energy sources, we must do so without unfairly putting most of the burden on working people who need energy to drive the trucks, work the fields and produce the goods and services (especially food) that all of us depend on everyday. The country that put men on the moon in the 20th century can produce the energy it needs to prosper in the 21st while preserving our beautiful planet.


America stands for freedom and opportunity. Almost every American is either an immigrant or a direct descendent of immigrants.  We must and will always welcome new Americans to our shores.  

At the same time, our government has a responsibility to keep our borders secure in preventing illegal drugs, violent gangs and human traffickers from entering into our country.  Only by protecting  against threats both foreign and domestic can we preserve the freedoms that Americans enjoy.