Why the Border Matters in Every District


Last week Rep. DeSaulnier (CA-10) voted against H.R.  6976 which calls for the deportation of DUI offenders who are in this country illegally.  The bill still passed easily with bipartisan support.  Its passage reflects growing consensus among members from both parties that borders do matter, not just in states like Texas, but in districts across this country.

Borders are more than just lines on a map.  They indicate where the laws of one nation end and another’s begin.  One reason why many want to come to the United States is the belief that we are a nation governed by the rule of law, not men, and that laws here are applied equally to everyone.  

When a political party zealously enforces the law against its opponents while blatantly dismissing the enforcement of other laws designed to protect everyone – they not only put people in danger – they also undermine the very foundations of this country, and the reason people want to come and live here.  It’s important that we enforce laws designed to protect everyone – such as laws against illegal drugs, human trafficking, violent gangs and drunk driving.  

Our district, like others across the country, is blessed to have immigrants from all over the world.  As a son of immigrants, I believe we are still the last best hope of earth for many others seeking freedom and refuge from places where the rule of law can easily be overridden by one man or party.  That’s why we should continue to welcome new Americans to our country who embrace the rule of law and our country’s founding principles.  To do otherwise would undermine the very reason many of us and our ancestors came to America in the first place.


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